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IKinema interviews Sumo Digital on the production of Crackdown 3

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Bradley Thorne

Creators of the action adventure game, share their experiences using the powerful RunTime middleware

IKinema have released an exclusive video interview with Sumo Digital’s senior producer, Steve Lycett and members of his development team. The interview focuses on the development of Crackdown 3 and arrives just in time for its US launch by Microsoft Studios on Friday 15th February.

Viewers are treated to a deep dive into the complexities of game development as the team share how they leveraged the powerful real-time middleware, IKinema RunTime to unlock freedom for developers and artists. The software procedurally animates 3D characters of any shape or size in real-time.

RunTime technology proved paramount for the studio’s dynamic ledging system. This is where the characters hands and feet grip ledges of tall buildings, organic matter or objects to shimmy across, climb and jump from vertical surfaces. RunTime enabled accurate engagement of limbs with these dynamic ledges and objects, allowing players to connect to the game world in a far more believable way.

Character programmer, Steven Hartin explains: “IKinema has allowed us to generate this dynamic system that offloads all that work into this code driven pipeline. We could have eaten up at least a couple of years’ worth of work just chasing down these bugs.”

Steve Lycett, senior producer, adds: “Games are only going to get more complicated, so when you find a good tool to bring to your arsenal, you tend to come back to it.”

The video interview can be seen on IKinema’s YouTube channel. IKinema will attend GDC 2019 in March to show studios how they too can empower their teams and accelerate their development time.

RunTime is available in two license tiers: Studio and Indie. More information can be found at www.ikinema.com.