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Carrie Mok

Ryan Knope provides essential tips on how to maximise your selling potential

3D visualisation artist Ryan Knope has written an amazing post with top tips for selling models on a marketplace.

Writing for the Renderhub blog, Knope starts by saying that you should list details: “Start out with as much detail about your product as possible. The more information that you supply the buyer the better. Including a bunch of render previews, along with Wire Frame, Shaded with Edged Faces and Ambient Occlusion definitely helps. This allows the user to see from all angles, what the geometry looks like and oftentimes Ambient Occlusion will show if there are discrepancies within the mesh, such as normal issues, pinching etc.”

He then goes on to talk about pricing, developing your products by using themes and sets, and emerging tech.

“If you are sitting around wondering what you could model to sell, look for holidays coming up or major world events on the way. The Olympics, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and the World Cup are a few examples.

These models may not have high sales all year long… although they usually make up for it with the quickness during the related events. Make sure to list your product at least a month prior if you are going to create models for themed events such as this. Otherwise you may miss the rush of sales. Just like it takes time for modeling, it takes your client time to integrate the product and they will have to do their final sendoff before the event.”

Find the post here.