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Advanced photogrammetry training from award-winning VFX supe

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Carrie Mok

Timothy Hanson will also include thousands of hi-res images to use and follow along with the tutorial

Emmy-winning VFX supervisor Timothy Hanson has added another training video to his tutorial repertoire, this time looking at advanced photogrammetry for VFX using DSLRs, drones, ZBrush, Mari and V-Ray.

The training will take four hours and will include 1600 hi-res images to help you follow along.

Hanson explains in a blog post:
“We’ll kick things off with an introduction to the gear you’ll need to capture data for photogrammetry, and then segue into an introduction to the principals of photography and shooting with DSLR’s and the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone focusing on the big three Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. We’ll break down the way they work together and against each other in the pursuit of the perfect exposure.

“From there we will start with the first of three case studies focusing on variables you’ll encounter in your own quest for the perfect photogrammetry data set. First focusing on the ideal situation created by shooting in a studio environment using soft boxes and a turntable. Next we will break down how to make the most of an imperfect shooting environment, before diving into our master project recreating an ornately detailed architectural landmark.

“Along the way we will touch on re-topology and mesh cleanup in Zbrush, as well as perfecting our textures in Mari before ultimately creating our final renders in V-Ray for Maya.

“I’m extremely excited to bring this ambitious new training series to you, and I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you’ll create. So please head on over to MAXDEPTH.tv and pick up your copy of “Advanced Photogrammetry for VFX” today!”