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Corona Renderer 3 out now

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Carrie Mok

The latest enhancements make the renderer faster than ever

Corona Renderer 3 out now

Render Legion has revealed the latest version of Corona, with a focus on creating faster rendering, improved displacement and enhanced AI denoising.

Corona Renderer 3 has a new IR system with quick impressions of scenes, helping artists assess key elements like lighting early on in the design process.

The new AI denoiser will kick in to remove artifacts and grain while artists work, leaving a clear image that promotes faster decisions. It will preserve more image details, including reflections and refractions, than any other implementation.

Improved displacement tools are now creating better imagery with no increase in memory usage or time, saving around 50 percent for artists, with no loss in quality or details. For enhanced randomisation, a new Randomization by Component ID map has been embedded into the Corona MultiMap and UvwRandomizer.

Corona Renderer 3 is available now with monthly rates at €24.99 and yearly rates at €289.99.