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Notch releases over 450 new features in massive update

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Bradley Thorne

Latest software update includes 64-bit runtimes, a new video codec designed for motion graphics, rigid body physics, face tracking and more

Interactive motion graphics software Notch has released a new update with over 450 new features. Notch Builder 0.9.21 is the first update to fully embrace 64-bit capabilities. Previously only available as a 32-bit runtime, the new 64-bit version allows for significantly larger datasets, such as 3D models and animation, textures, images, and audio.

The highly requested rigid body physics feature has also been added, it allows solid geometric objects to move around using physics. A new video codec, NotchLC, has been designed specifically for motion graphics. It is the fastest codec to render out of Notch to date.

Utilising machine learning techniques, Notch is now able to find and track faces and gestures from any 2D video or live camera feed. Users were previously treated to a sneak peak of this feature at various trade shows.

Creating complex animated geometry has been made easier with the addition of Alembic interchange format support. Elsewhere improvements have been made to the lighting engine, specifically to bounce lighting, shadows, and reflections – tools that can be used to greatly increase rendering quality.

There’s also a whole host of workflow improvements included in this release, such as new keyboard shortcuts, ArtNet rendering, straight alpha rendering, semi-automatic scene optimisation, JavaScript improvements, and CSV file loading.

Matt Swoboda, founder of Notch, adds: “We’re committed to making something that’s flexible and scalable, yet reliable. This release is a big milestone for us, and for many of our users who now have a host of new creative opportunities.”

A complete list of the improvements and updates to Notch 0.9.21 can be found here, along with a blog post which highlights some of the key features. To see the variety of products and pricing options available head to the Notch website.