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Crazy Rich Asians’ end titles have come full circle

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Carrie Mok

The art deco-style animations and rise of the film reflect the career of yU+Co founder Garson Yu

Crazy Rich Asians' end titles have come full circle

Leading title sequence masters yU+co, founded by Garson Yu and known for their work on top Hollywood title sequences, were the brains behind the closing credit titles for Crazy Rich Asians, the first all-Asian cast Hollywood film since The Joy Luck Club.

Interestingly, 25 years earlier Garson Yu’s first-ever title design project was for The Joy Luck Club too. Yu was working as a designer at R/GA LA at the time, and sees parallels between the rise of his own career and the rising prominence of the film.

“My involvement in the project as an Asian American is important and meaningful to me,” Yu says. “’Joy Luck Club,’ directed by Wayne Wang, was my first title design project. I’m proud of the fact that 25 years later I’m working with another talented, new director John Chu on the main-on-end sequence for this incredible project. I’m equally proud of the fact that over the last 20 years we’ve built a creative studio that puts a high priority on diversity, and that mindset is a big reason why the company remains creatively vital and relevant to this day.”

The closing credits carries on the high-energy feel of the final shot into the end titles, and are achieved via s dazzling kaleidoscope effect in which iconography from the film (beach umbrellas, diamonds, paper fans, mahjong tiles) dance around the credit.

“For this we didn’t have to tell a story, just use 3D and 2D animation styles to create this elaborate cinematic dance,” says art director Edwin Baker says. “The goal was to create something that harkened back to a certain feeling of old Hollywood glamour.”

Producer Sarah Coatts notes that the transition designs between the images in the sequence was a bit of a challenge, “Through a bit of trial and error we came up with something fun, eye-grabbing and totally in sync with the spirit of the film.”

yU+co also worked on titles for films including Tomb Raider, The Meg and the upcoming Mile 22.

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