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Free KitBash3d demo with this issue!

3ds Max Skills RevealedIssue 123 of 3D Artist is out now!

Create amazing 3ds Max artwork with 21 unmissable top tips and tricks for lighting, architecture visualisation, modelling and more.

The masters at KitBash3d also tell us about their journey, how they’ve created stunning environment art with their premium asset kits and give us some top tips for going pro and making our own beautiful scenes.

We’re big fans of environment designer Rob Tuytel’s work here, and this issue he’s given us a great guide into designing and re-creating a medieval scene in the style of 19th century Dutch art in Blender, while Blizzard environment artist Eric Wiley teaches the ins and outs of creating perfect material layers with a beach debris scene, and Michael Ingrassia returns with part two of his three-part tutorial on triple-A character creation. This time, his focus is on texturing and UVs.

We’ve also delved into shading with 3ds Max 2019 in a seven-page tutorial, and learn to render in Redshift with Houdini and animate faces with iClone too.

Elsewhere, regular contributor and VFX journalist Ian Failes tells us how studios like MPC, Mr X Inc, Outpost VFX and more are enhancing VFX with digital make-up techniques, while we head to award-winning games studio Splash Damage and Aardman cofounder David Sproxton talks CG and stop motion.

Finally, don’t forget our amazing resources available with every issue including free models, textures and more that are also on our FileSilo. This issue there’s an incredible free demo kit for KitBash3d!

Enjoy the issue!


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This issue there’s also over 200 of resources courtesy of some really cool people to download for free from FileSilo.co.uk when you buy the magazine.

Your free downloads this month are:
• 3 premium CGAxis models
• 25 textures from 3DTotal
• KitBash3d Warzone demo kit
• Skeleton texturing tutorial project part 2 – project files, video and more• KitBash3d Warzone demo kit
• Beach debris textures
• Loads of hi-res images and WIPs to accompany our tutorials


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3ds Max Skills Revealed

Boost Your Skills in 3ds Max


3ds Max Skills Revealed

Creating Without Permission

3ds Max Skills Revealed


Master 3ds Max 2019’s Open Shading Language


3ds Max Skills Revealed

The Art of Digital Make-Up

3ds Max Skills Revealed

Create a Large Medieval Environment in Blender

3ds Max Skills Revealed

Perfect Layering in Substance Designer

3ds Max Skills Revealed


The Ripple Effect

3ds Max Skills Revealed


Render with Redshift in Houdini

3ds Max Skills Revealed

Texture Distressed Clothing for Games

3ds Max Skills Revealed

Animate Faces in iClone