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Reallusion introduces iClone Motion LIVE

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Bradley Thorne

All-in-one motion capture system connects industry standard gear into one solution

Reallusion has announced the a new multi-device motion capture system – iClone Motion LIVE. Allowing users to capture across a range of motion capture gear for face, body and hands. The technology-bending platform is also fully compatible with hardware such as Faceware, Xsens, Perception Neuron, OptiTrack, Leap Motion, and more.

Motion LIVE enables actors and directors to view the capture on any 3D character in real time, enhancing their ability to see and respond to the performance. Full body or facial animation can also be controlled for multiple characters simultaneously.

Both custom imported characters and fully-rigged 3D characters can be animated in the new system, including characters from tools like Daz Studio, Character Creator, and iClone. The iClone character pipeline also has export presets that allow characters and animations to be sent from iClone to Unity, Unreal, Maya, 3DS Max, C4D, CryEngine, and Blender.

To drive the mocap devices within Motion LIVE you will need both iClone, the Motion LIVE plugin and at least one of the following: Leap Motion, Faceware, Perception Neuron, OptiTrack or Xsens.

The Motion LIVE hand motion capture solution is priced from $249 on Reallusion’s store, with the all-in-one full-body system starting from $2000, during the launch special offering period. After this period they are listed from $398 and $3,486 respectively. Everyone that buys the Motion LIVE Plug-in from Reallusion’s store will be offered a free leap Motion Hand Capture Profile worth $99.

To learn more about Motion LIVE and its capabilities visit the motion capture section of Reallusion’s website, more information on Reallusion itself can be found here.