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Oculus launches Medium 2.0

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Bradley Thorne

18 months after its launch the immersive sculpting tool gets its biggest update yet

Oculus launches Medium 2.0

Oculus Medium has received its biggest update yet in Medium 2.0, delivering upon many frequently requested features. Increased layer limit, grid snapping, and multiple lights have all been included.

Technical art director Lydia Choy says: “I’m super excited for this release because we’ve added a lot of features our community have been asking for—more flexible scene management, better memory and performance, and more sculpting precision, just to name a few of the larger themes. Lots of our underlying systems have been re-architected, which sets us up to build some powerful features in future releases as well.”

Among the most notable new features is the ability for artists to show off their creations in Oculus Home, by exporting their VR sculpts directly into the Home inventory. Medium 2.0 also introduces a new file management system, scene graph, and major UI revamp. This means artists can spend more time indulging their creativity and less time navigating tools, settings or options.

Elsewhere Medium 2.0 also increases the rendering power for professional artists and novices alike. “I’m especially excited about the new rendering engine under the hood of Medium,” adds graphics engineer David Farrell. “We rewrote the renderer to use Vulkan, which lets us more directly control the GPU, leading to smoother frame rates and better memory management for higher resolution sculpts. Plus, you can now have up to 100 layers.”

There is an abundance of further features and enhancements included with the update, details of which can be found on the Oculus blog. Oculus Medium will now require Windows 10 as a minimum spec and can be purchased for £22.99 on the official website.