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New VFX budgeting tool Curó to debut at SIGGRAPH 2018

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Bradley Thorne

New cloud-based software will deliver time-saving shortcuts based on production proven data and methodology

Curó, has been designed to simplify visual effects budgeting from script through to screen and will be unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver. Having undergone rigorous development and beta testing, Curó creates a unified system for creation, planning and management of VFX budgets for projects of any scale.

Developed by veteran VFX Producer Joyce Cox, the application was inspired by her strategic approach to flexibly and accurately managing VFX budgets for studios. It aims to replace unwieldy spreadsheets and instead provides a straightforward, accessible solution to tracking costs.

Dave Taritero, senior vice president of VFX production at Disney says: “The rapid growth in VFX has outpaced the industry’s ability to implement a uniform system to manage the complex and ever-changing finances of a VFX project. Joyce Cox is the perfect person to design an application to close that gap.”

Once a script is uploaded, Curó generates a breakdown of scenes, action and dialogue. From there, users can identify shots and organize sequences as well as build the list of assets and FX elements. A plethora of metadata including assets, FX and assumptions are attached to each shot, which can then be advanced to budget projection.

Tools will allow for adjusted shot complexity as well as tax incentive forecasting and accounting for fringe costs. The system is also completely secure, with the option to build in two-factor authentication. Users will also be able to create and export reports in various formats at the touch of a button.

“Even the smallest projects now rely on VFX to help tell their stories and the cost to create these VFX can be significant, if not in the tens of millions for high-profile features. Despite the major technology advancements we’ve seen in the entertainment industry, tracking VFX costs has remained difficult and complex, with potentially major financial consequences for even minor missteps. Curó fills a gaping hole in content creation, saving users time and money, and providing peace of mind,” says Cox.

Curó is currently tailored towards studios, but will move to accommodate budgeting for VFX vendors in the near future. SIGGRAPH 2018 is being held August 12-16 at the Vancouver Convention Center; attendees can demo the new tool in booth 1033. To sign up for a 30-day free trial, visit the official website.