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Carrie Mok

Dalia Lasaite, the CEO of CGTrader, presents the best practices for selling 3D models, the new Analytics tool for designers and trends in the 3D market

Sponsored: Selling 3D Models online

Dalia presents insights from CGTrader, one of the leading 3D model marketplaces globally, on selling stock 3D models, and touches on the developments in the 3D market.

She shows the types of industries which buy 3D models and shares insights about the sellers on CGTrader: design studios, 3D freelancers, beginners, and even AAA game artists, their best practices and useful tips for anyone looking to sell their 3D assets.

A significant part of the presentation is dedicated to insights drawn from CGTrader Analytics, which provides real time data about the 3D marketplace to designers and allows them to find the most profitable niches.

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