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Learn advanced texturing skills with Timothy Hanson

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Carrie Mok

The Emmy-winning CG supervisor has another expert guide available

Learn advanced texturing skills with Timothy Hanson

Over at MAXDEPTH.tv, Timothy Hanson has again released another advanced tutorial, this time covering Advanced Texturing: Creature Painting with Mari & ZBrush.

“We’ll begin this series by covering all the steps necessary to generate good UV’s for texturing, spending extra time discussing multi-tile UV workflows using a combination of Zbrush, Maya, and headus UV layout.

“From there we will move into Mari, and discuss all of the major pallets starting with the Lighting and object tabs. From there we will continue on through the plethora of masking options taking extra care to discuss the paint buffer, and how to make sure we’re getting the most out of our texture painting.”

Check it out here.