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Foundry releases Katana 3.0 and Mari 4.1

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Bradley Thorne

Latest versions come equipped with a plethora of new features and enhancements

Foundry releases Katana 3.0 and Mari 4.1

Foundry has released the latest version of its look and lighting development software, Katana. There’s a host of improvements and additions, including a new viewport, powered by Pixar’s USD Hydra technology. This promises to give artists a smoother way to view larger portions of their work.

As well as faster load times than previous versions, there are UI improvements and new transform tools. Artists will now be able to get more information from Katana with just a glance. According to Foundry, this is part of a larger plan to merge artist driven workflow and UX with Katana’s power and technical foundation.

Katana 3.0 also comes with the NSI powered 3Delight render plugin. This will provide artists with a fast, powerful, and easy to use renderer. It is the first plugin to utilise the full potential of Katana’s rendering APIs. A full page dedicated to these can be found on the official website.

Mari 4.1, meanwhile, now sees the texture tool receive new artist friendly colour management including colour picking, a more intuitive colourspace toolbar, easier management of Channels, perceptually linear display of Scalar Channels and much more. Mari 4.1 also has new functionality for Selection Groups that vastly increases user efficiency.

Jordan Thistlewood, senior product manager look development and lighting at Foundry, said: “We’re always looking to bring improved speed and efficiency for our users. We have worked closely with our customers over the last year to improve Katana and Mari where it matters most, to ensure they can work with tools that are consistently at the cutting-edge of development. We are very happy to provide an artist friendly UX to color management in Mari 4.1 and the updated UI/UX of Katana 3.0 driven by the new Hydra powered viewport. These developments and our future plans are key to ensuring that all artists are armed with the best creative tools in look development and lighting.”

Foundry releases Katana 3.0 and Mari 4.1

Mari 4.1 will be available for purchase on Foundry’s website.

For a full list of Katana’s new features and enhancements see the update’s release notes. More information can also be found on Foundry’s website. Users are directed to contact Foundry’s sales team for information on pricing and licenses. The previous version was priced at $8,144 for an artist licence.