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Corona Renderer 2 released for 3ds Max

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Bradley Thorne

Latest update brings powerful and sought after new features to the popular rendering software

Corona Renderer 2 released for 3ds Max

The latest version of Corona Renderer has been released for Autodesk’s 3ds Max, with an increased focus on VFX, cross-compatibility, stability, workflow and UI improvements. Version 2 presents users of the photorealistic renderer with a host of enhancements to their experience.

Among the most notable updates is the ability to render heterogeneous media, which brings support for OpenVDB data using the CoronaVolumeGrid, rendering Phoenix FD and FumeFX’s objects and effects. 3D volumetric materials can also be rendered now, thanks to the updated CoronaVolume material.

VRayMtl and VRayLight from V-Ray 3.60 onwards can now be rendered without the need to run a converter first, even if V-Ray is not installed or licensed. The Material Library has also been updated, with more than 110 new materials now available to users. Taking the total to over 430 pre-made, ready to use materials. All of these materials will now use CoronaTriplanar mapping or real world scale wherever possible, in order to reduce their reliance on UV mapping.

The Corona Official Toolbar is another new addition, granting one-click access to common Corona features such as creating a Corona Camera from the current perspective view, opening the VFB or adding objects such as lights and scatters.

There are plenty of other improvements including: denoising of bump maps, lower memory requirements, faster rendering of the CoronaShadowCatcher in compositing mode, and improved adaptivity sampling of dark areas.

Eagle eyed users may have noticed that the naming convention has changed to a whole number. Corona has stated that this change is only “cosmetic” and will not change the rate at which new versions are developed or released. An integrated Cinema 4D version of the renderer is also in development.

The update is compatible with 3ds Max versions 2013 to 2019, further information on the changes can be found in the official blog post. Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max can be purchased on the developer’s website, currently priced at €24.99 monthly, a 45-day unlimited demo version is also available.