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Sponsored: Adventures in real-time

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Carrie Mok

Matt Swoboda, real-time graphics pioneer and founder of Notch, talks about the history of real-time graphics and why now is the right time to dive in

Sponsored: Adventures in real-time

A pioneer of real-time graphics at companies such as Sony, Matt Swoboda explains why now is a really exciting time for motion graphics artists.

His software, Notch, has been used to create visual experiences for some of the world’s most memorable events, from Beyoncé to U2 world tours, through to music videos and VR experiences – without designers needing to use a single line of code.

Sponsored: Adventures in real-time

With the power of real-time you remove rendering times, bringing you closer than ever before to the thing you’re creating.

Discover how by building the tool from the ground up Notch helps creators rediscover the joy or problem solving, experimenting and improvising on the fly.