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Reallusion releases free online animation platform

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Bradley Thorne

Cloud Animator will be free for all devices and all users

Reallusion releases free online animation platform

Leading animation software company Reallusion has officially released online animation platform – Cloud Animator. The company has previously found recognition for its iClone and CrazyTalk Animator platforms.

Cloud Animator dynamically engages with its audience using an interactive flow of information, motion graphics, and animation delivered in universal HTML5 that can deploy the user’s media on any device. This new platform takes a slightly different approach to authoring and sharing when compared with other cloud-based animation services, which are usually derived from Flash and use HTML5 with video output.

The main features of Cloud Animator include a focus on instant interaction that allows designers to to link from one project to another, or include a url to their website. Viewers will also be able to directly call a phone number, ask questions via email or instant message.

Creators will retain ownership of all their projects, eliminating the need to host on another vendor’s server thus preserving brand, privacy and ownership. Users will also have the ability to download and host projects in their own service or environment, without wifi.

Charles Chen, CEO of Reallusion says: “We envision generating online media marketing differently. With Cloud Animator, we have built a service which gives the best interactive experience for business, education and social media users. They can easily turn their ideas into interactive media, anywhere, in any device.”

Cloud Animator is available in three plans: a free plan that allows for 500MB of storage, an advanced plan priced at $5.75 monthly allowing for 5GB of storage and a business plan that allows 50GB of storage for $16.58 monthly. For complete pricing and plan details see the Reallusion website.