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There are an incredible 28 pages of game art and real-time techniques this issue!

Level Up Your Game Art

Issue 119 of 3D Artist is out now!

Level up your game art this issue with artists from Creative Assembly, MachineGames and more! We’ve got an incredible 28 pages of game art and real-time insight!

Creative Assembly character artist Danny Sweeney teaches us all of the triple-A techniques that goes into building a Dark Elf from Total War: Warhammer II!

MachineGames’ Matthias Develtere meanwhile gives us a genius guide into creating an adaptable high-poly asset whether for in-game in Wolfenstein II or for a cinematic.

Why not learn 35 top tips for mastering real-time, whether that’s in UE4, Unity, CryEngine, Marmoset or Amazon Lumberyard! And if that’s not enough, environment artist Jody Sargent has walked us through how she created awesome UE4 assets not once, but twice in the issue!

You can also hear from BluePoint Games’ Mak Malovic on how Shadow of the Colossus has been loving remastered and from Ethan Hiley of Treyarch on weapons for the Call of Duty franchise.

This year also marks 25 years since Jurassic Park stomped onto our screens. Find out how artists at ILM and more created those innovative CG techniques.

Meanwhile we head into one of Berlin’s biggest vendors, Rise FX, to find out about how it has reached new heights.

And learn how to 3D print your first asset with TheLaserGirls in SolidWorks, get to grips with lighting and read our review of NewTek’s new LightWave release!

Finally, don’t forget our amazing resources available with every issue including free models, textures and more. This issue, SideFX is kindly giving away their Houdini Foundations GDC Editions eBook!

Enjoy the issue!


PS – Don’t forget that if you want to make big savings and get the issue delivered direct to your door every month, grab yourself a subscription!

This issue there’s also over 200 of resources courtesy of some really cool people to download for free from FileSilo.co.uk when you buy the magazine.

Your free downloads this month are:
• SideFX Houdini Foundations GDC Editions eBook courtesy of SideFX
• 3 premium CGAxis models
• 25 textures from 3DTotal
• Lighting reference video for the Houdini and Clarisse tutorial
• SolidWorks files for the 3D printing tutorial
• UE4 underwater scene making-of video
• Loads of hi-res images and WIPs to accompany our tutorials


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Level Up Your Game Art

Create a Dark Elf from Warhammer


Level Up Your Game Art

35 Tips to supercharge real-time renders

Level Up Your Game Art


Game art made easy


Level Up Your Game Art

Create an underwater scene in UE4

Level Up Your Game Art

Model an adaptable high-poly asset

Level Up Your Game Art


Reaching new heights: Rise FX

Level Up Your Game Art

Master lighting and materials

Level Up Your Game Art


Design your first prop sword

Level Up Your Game Art

Industry Insider: Johannes Richter

Level Up Your Game Art

VFX finds a way

Level Up Your Game Art

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