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Autodesk releases Maya 2018.3

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Bradley Thorne

Latest version of the software includes some significant updates

Autodesk releases Maya 2018.3

Autodesk has announced the release of Maya 2018.3, the latest update to its popular software. Users will be able to enjoy a host of new features and improvements, including the ability to auto-frame both axes in the graph editor.

There have also been improvements made to MASH nodes, notably a new Display Percentage attribute for the Instancer node. The ability to reorder points according to their proximity to a mesh or point randomly, or based on the XYZ axis in the Offset node has also been added. Additionally users will be able to utilise a new stick to mesh mode for the placer and performance improvements to the Repro node.

Other notable updates include:

  • Several smart, one-click presets for common motion graphics tasks. They are categorised into groups for FX, motion graphics, and type.
  • A new option for render preferences that allows the user to control whether or not lights are added into each render layer by default. There is also the option to decide if objects created in a new render layer are saved to an active collection and the ability to customise the colour of render setup layers.
  • New profiler view options that will allow critical paths to be shown by the user, as well as granting them the ability to expand or collapse events and their children.
  • Updates to the wire deformer to make it GPU accelerated. A new ‘bind to original geometry’ option has also been added, this will allow users to specify a mesh for the wire deformer to base its deformation on.

Maya Lite 2018.3 has also been released, only containing improvements to the UV and graph editors. For more information see the official Maya documentation and the 2018.3 release notes. A Maya subscription is priced at £1,680.00 annually.