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VizPark releases Omnitiles standalone

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Bradley Thorne

The texture creation was formerly only available as a 3ds Max app

3D content manufacturer VizPark has released a standalone version of texture creation tool Omnitiles, which was previously only available as an app in 3ds Max. It creates pattern materials based on randomised multi-textures.

Features of this standalone version include:

  • A pattern editor that allows the user to create a virtually unlimited number of patterns for use in applications like 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, MODO, Sketchup, Blender or game engines like Unreal.
  • An instant previews window that shows edits in realtime.
  • The ability to render textures directly in Photoshop or save them as files for use with any compatible 2D or 3D application.
  • An integrated edge map feature that renders edge gradients along the edge of each shape. This map can be used to create a height channel, displacement, bump or other useful maps like masks to further change gaps between shapes.
  • The user can batch import textures and assign them to the correct channel.

Individual licenses for Omnitiles cost €9.90 for monthly rental, €79 for annual rental or €149 for a perpetual license. For more information see VizPark’s website.