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Solid Angle announces Arnold 5.1

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Bradley Thorne

New update comes equipped with a set of powerful new tools.

Solid Angle announces Arnold 5.1

Solid Angle has announced Arnold 5.1, the latest update for the rendering software, which aims to improve the render experience for artists. The update follows Autodesk’s recent acquisition of the software. Built with artists’ feedback in mind, Arnold 5.1 aims to provide solutions for many of the most complex rendering challenges.

Several of the new features have been optimised for quality and speed, such as adaptive sampling which offers users a way to reduce render times without jeopardising the quality of the final image. Two new denoising solutions, The OptiX Denoiser and The Arnold Denoiser, will optimise the rendering process.

A new toon shader will make it easier for users to achieve non-photorealistic styles and effects. This feature is in direct response to requests for functionality that will allow for more stylised or non-photoreal aesthetics.

For more technical projects there is now a native Alembic procedural, a new Profiling API and structured statistics. These features will optimize workflow, eliminate production bottlenecks, and identify performance issues.

A new set of operators makes it possible to override any part of an Arnold scene and modify it at render time. Support for MaterialX will make it easier for users to transfer material and look-development content between applications or renderers.

For a full list of new features and functionalities see the Solid Angle website and Arnold 5.1 release notes.