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IKinema technology integrated into NVIDIA Holodeck

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Bradley Thorne

The powerful full-body solving technology is being used in new photorealistic, collaborative VR environment

IKinema’s full-body solving technology has been incorporated into a photorealistic and collaborative VR environment, NVIDIA Holodeck. The environment aims to replicate the feeling of real-world environments through sight, sound and haptics.

Alexandre Pechev, CEO of IKinema says: “The virtual reality landscape is constantly evolving, and we continue to meet customer needs by providing next-generation VR technologies designed to accelerate user performance levels. We’re proud to have NVIDIA as an adopter of IKinema – it’s a natural fit for both pioneering technologies to co-exist in one virtual space. We’re humbled to sit at the helm with like-minded visionary firms in the pursuit of greater future technological developments.”

The VR technology brings a heightened sense of realism and immersion to individuals within the Holodeck environment. Geographical limitations are erased by giving users the ability to group together, converse and interact with each other within a virtual environment of their choosing. The Holodeck also allows users to maneuver in and around life-size objects as well as make live prototype iterations.

“Holodeck offers astounding believability, which is critical for virtual world experiences. With IKinema’s state-of-the-art VR technology, we can provide an essential human element that helps deliver a deeper sense of realism” explains Aron Zoellner, NVIDIA’s Lead Technical Artist.

Applications for the NVIDIA Holodeck Early Access program can be made on NVIDIA’s website, where you can also find a full list of system requirements. In order to prepare models for Holodeck users will need: 3ds Max or Maya, Iray for Maya or Max and standard vMaterials, if you apply materials to your model.