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Foundry launches Modo 12 Series

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Bradley Thorne

The new features are a first in a series of updates

Foundry launches Modo 12 Series

The Modo 12 Series will introduce a range of new features across three instalments. The first instalment, Modo 12.0, has been released by Foundry today. Across the series Modo will introduce a dedicated VR viewport, improvements to model-bashing tools and adjustments to data shifting processes.

Key features for Modo 12.0 include:

• glTF Export to Facebook: Developed in conjunction with Facebook’s new ‘3D Post’ functionality, artists can now create 3D objects in Modo and then share them on the Facebook News Feed.

• Mesh Paint Refinements: The tool has been brought up-to-date and enhanced, allowing users to quickly bash out models and environments faster. Artists can now paint random presets, utilize asset libraries in new and exciting ways, and the array paint modes give you greater control when painting more ordered collections of objects.

• MeshFusion Surface Strips: MeshFusion is significantly enhanced with Surface Strips, a new feature that works by allowing the creation of strip geometry or topology lying flush on any Fusion Item surface, providing a wide range of opportunities for Post-Fusion modeling with Procedural operations or direct modeling of the Fusion Output Mesh.

• Modelling and Design Creation Enhancements: The Jitter tool has new options to randomise the position, scale and rotation of connected geometry within a single Item. It also works with connected selections, allowing users to quickly add subtle realism in situations where previously it would have been difficult. A new tool handle has been added to the Vertex Slide tool, giving uses greater control when tweaking the position of vertices in a mesh.

• New Procedural Mesh Operations: A Triangulate MeshOp has been added to which lets artists export triangulated models in a non-destructive manner. The Merge Meshoperator can now read replicator items as geometry inputs, allowing replicated geometry to be manipulated using procedural modeling tools. It’s also now possible to modulate the shape of an item falloff via the Mini Graph Editor, allowing for a much wider array of falloff effects when rigging or procedural modelling. The new Falloff Operator lets you drive Mesh Operation Falloffs via a range of scene and geometric parameters.

Senior Product Manager at Foundry, Shane Griffith, says “We’re pleased to announce the release of the Modo 12 Series, which includes a host of new features for 3D artists to get excited about. From games developers, to product and marketing designers, the Modo 12 Series will help artists to continue pushing the boundaries of 3D design.”

For more information on Modo 12.0 visit the latest Modo release page.