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Sci-Fi Sculpts

Issue 114 of 3D Artist is out now!

Explore your quickest way of creating concepts yet, with our masterful guide from Daniel Bystedt! In his pro tutorial, the senior character artist gives us top tips for speeding up your sculpting and concepts with ZBrush 4R8, Substance Painter and Blender.

You can also journey with us this issue to the Land of the Dead with Coco, to dwelve into the RenderMan innovations and tens of thousands of lights lighting up Pixar’s latest exciting film release!

On the other side of the feature film VFX fence, Blade Runner 2049 has been the sequel on everybody’s mind with its moody setups. We put the spotlight on Rodeo VFX and Territory Studio, who divulge the secrets of seamless environments and futureproof UIs.

From the neo-noir of Blade Runner, we’ve then launched firmly into space via the concept spaceship courtesy of seasoned hard surface modeller Andrew Hodgson. He teaches us his expert techniques for Maya modelling magic. We’ve also ventured into galaxies beyond our own with Fusion particle systems as well as into the abstract art world of textile sculptures with Cinema 4D.

Meanwhile in games, Absolver’s environment and FX lead dicusses how those stylised forests were populated and we’re also taught a brilliant ZBrush to Unreal workflow – it’s an often-requested tutorial by our social media followers so don’t miss it!

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Finally we’ve announced some of the speakers headlining our new event Vertex this issue too so check them out and get your tickets now!

Sci-Fi Sculpts
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Enjoy the issue!


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• Sci-Fi Effects in Unity video tutorial from Pluralsight
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• OBJ and ABC files from the spaceship tutorial
• Meshes, textures and Substance Designer resources from the ZBrush to Unreal tutorial
• The final comp for the Fusion galaxy tutorial
• Loads of hi-res images and WIPs to accompany our tutorials


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<Sci-Fi Sculpts

Making Coco Pop

Sci-Fi Sculpts

Master Sci-Fi Character Concept Sculpts

Sci-Fi Sculpts

Meet The M3D Men

Sci-Fi Sculpts

Explore Sleek Concepts For A Spaceship

Sci-Fi Sculpts

Discover A Pro ZBrush To Unreal Engine Workflow

Sci-Fi Sculpts

Voyage To Galaxies With Fusion Particles

Sci-Fi Sculpts

Analogue Future

Sci-Fi Sculpts

Simulate Textile Sculptures With Cloth

Sci-Fi Sculpts


Project Focus: Absolver


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