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Scott Ross to talk at Vertex 2018!

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Carrie Mok

The co-founder of Digital Domain and industry veteran talks about the future of the VFX industry

Scott Ross to talk at Vertex 2018!

Vertex is offering an incredible opportunity for its Access All Areas ticket holders! One of the most respected people in VFX over the last three decades will be sharing his wisdom at the event in London, on 13 March 2018, using his vast experience to talk about the dangers and opportunities facing the industry.

Scott Ross managed ILM for George Lucas before leaving to form Digital Domain, with James Cameron and Stan Winston. Digital Domain won two Academy Awards as well as a further nomination. The visual effects of Titanic and What Dreams May Come stand up well to this very day, a testament to the skills and artistry of the Digital Domain teams.

In recent times Scott has been touring the world speaking to VFX community gatherings, drawing from his personal experiences to talk about the future – and it’s this area that he will be discussing at Vertex.

The UK has a thriving visual effects community, with an established history which has, in recent times, been boosted by some of the biggest projects in movie history, from Harry Potter to Guardians Of The Galaxy and so many more. Times are changing and while some are worried, Scott is going to discuss the huge possibilities and new opportunities that are opening to a post-Brexit VFX community, engaging with new audiences, working alongside new partners and sharing in developments of cultural relationships – things that can only be of benefit to us all.

As well as being a world-class VFX sup, he is an accomplished businessman and will talk about what he sees as the future of the community, from small studios and individual artists, right through to the international studios.

The chances to hear a talk of this level are few and far between and you’ll even have opportunity to ask Scott questions directly, so book your tickets soon to avoid disappointment.

Don’t miss out on the chance of asking an Oscar winner a question about your career or passion!

Head to www.vertexconf.com to book tickets and find out more about our other amazing speakers, workshops, recruitment fair, networking event and much more!