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Achieve High-End CG With Blender

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Achieve High-End CG With Blender

Issue 113 of 3D Artist is out now!

Go undercover with 3D Artist as we discover Blender Institute’s secret weapon: Agent 327. We spoke to Blender Animation Studio to find out how this high-end CG animated short was achieved and reveal the animation techniques involved.

Also, travel with us to Hungary where we visit game cinematic geniuses Digic Pictures and discover how they achieved CG excellence.

We’ve spoken to Cinema 4D experts this month, too, to bring you 29 amazing tips, and some are from Maxon itself! Don’t miss 10 top tips from the latest version, Cinema 4D R19!

We’ve also been chatting to Maxx Burman, the art director and matte painter whose work includes The Crown opening titles and more, while ACCESS: VFX is our focus for our community this issue, bringing top Soho studios together for the first time to promote better inclusion in the VFX industry.

Elsewhere, you can discover how to create real-time characters and import into any game engine, model a steampunk diorama, texture ornate details with Ubisoft’s Jonathan Benainous, master Maya 2018 procedural ocean waves, learn how to create a lightning explosion in Houdini, create advanced V-Ray materials with V-Ray Blend and much more.

And don’t miss: 4GB worth of free videos and assets!

Enjoy the issue!


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This issue there’s also over 4GB of resources courtesy of some really cool people to download for free from FileSilo.co.uk when you buy the magazine.

Your free downloads this month are:

• Cinema 4D Mograph Fundamentals tutorial from Pluralsight
• 3 premium CGAxis models
• 25 textures from 3DTotal
• Hair cards, OBJ file, hair maps, procedural hair file for Marmoset, SBSAR files and more for our real-time character tutorial
• Loads of hi-res images and WIPs to accompany our tutorials


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Achieve High-End CG With Blender

Blender’s Secret Weapon

Achieve High-End CG With Blender

Master Advanced V-Ray Materials

Achieve High-End CG With Blender

29 Pro Tips For Cinema 4D

Achieve High-End CG With Blender

Create A Steampunk Diorama in Modo

Achieve High-End CG With Blender

Generate Procedural Oceans in Maya 2018

Achieve High-End CG With Blender

Growth Spurt: The Rise of Digic Pictures

Achieve High-End CG With Blender

Texture A Procedural Ornate Column

Achieve High-End CG With Blender

Render A Real-Time Character

Achieve High-End CG With Blender


Create A Lightning Explosion in Houdini