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Cinema 4D R19 out now

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Carrie Mok

A new spherical camera and MoGraph improvements come to R19

Cinema 4D R19 out now

Maxon has announced the availability of Cinema 4D R19. First revealed at SIGGRAPH, C4D R19 comes with improvements to MoGraph, the viewport and support for AMD’s ProRender.

Cinema 4D R19 out now

Updates to C4D include:

• Viewport Improvements – Results so close to final render that client previews can be output using the new native MP4 video support.

• MoGraph Enhancements – Added workflow capabilities in Voronoi Fracturing and an all-new Sound Effector.

• New Spherical Camera – Lets artists render stereoscopic 360° Virtual Reality videos and dome projections.

• New Polygon Reduction – Easily reduce entire hierarchies while preserving vertex maps, selection tags and UV coordinates to ensure textures continue to map properly and preserve polygon detail.

• Level of Detail (LOD) Object – Define and manage settings to maximise viewport and render speed, or prepare optimised assets for game workflows. Exports FBX for use in popular game engines.

• AMD’s Radeon ProRender – Now seamlessly integrated into R19, providing artists with a cross-platform GPU rendering solution.

• Revamped Media Core – Completely rewritten software core to increase speed and memory efficiency for image, video and audio formats; native support for MP4 video without QuickTime.

• Robust Modeling – A new modeling core with improved support for edges and N-gons can be seen in the Align and Reverse Normals commands.

• BodyPaint 3D – Now uses an OpenGL painting engine, giving R19 artists a real-time display of reflections, alpha, bump or normal, and even displacement for improved visual feedback and texture painting when painting color and adding surface details in film, game design and other workflows.

For the complete feature list, make sure you check out Maxon’s R19 release page.

Cinema 4D R19 out now