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3D Artist Masterclasses debut at BFX Festival

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Carrie Mok

We’ll be presenting masterclasses for the first time in Bournemouth

3D Artist Masterclasses debut at BFX Festival

We’re excited to reveal more information about our masterclasses, which will be debuting at BFX Festival 2017. On Monday 2 October, you can get expert insight on Houdini from Mark Jackson of Saddington Baynes, 3D visualisation from pro artist Jake Denham, freelance illustration from Lucasfilm technical artist Richard Chasemore and much more!

You’ll learn techniques at the Bournemouth International Centre, home to the BFX Festival that week.

Tickets to the masterclasses are on sale now and are £20 as standard, or £12 on NUS discount.

Here’s our current schedule of events. Don’t miss it, book your tickets today! And check out the full schedule to see what’s on the rest of the week.

3D Artist Masterclass: Houdini with Mark Jackson of Saddington Baynes – 90mins

Mark will be deconstructing and explaining ways in which Houdini has been used to create a number of images and shots for Saddington Baynes’ commercial work (Strongbow/Grohe/Mateus/RnD bits). He will be looking at a range of techniques within Houdini including volumes, fluids/simulation, lighting (Mantra/Arnold) and whatever else comes into his head.

About Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson has created still and motion campaigns for many of the world’s top advertising agencies and brands. Having collaborated on many award-winning projects, Mark’s combined love of art & science led to authentic and photo real executions. Mark is from London, UK. He currently works at Saddington Baynes as the Senior VFX Artist.


3D Artist Masterclass: “Making Of Master Bedroom” with Jake Denham of Luxury Visuals – 90mins

Making Of Master Bedroom with 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop. This masterclass will focus on interior visualisation, lighting, workflow and post production using Photoshop. After this you will have a good understanding of the workflow Jake uses to create 3D visualisations and how you can implement this to streamline your workflow.

About Jake Denham
Jake Denham is a 3D Visualisation Artist with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. After studying Video Game Design at DMU and completing a Masters in Digital Design at the University for Creative Arts, Jake has worked with companies around the world on projects ranging from private jets to luxury interiors – including 4 years in Monaco with Palmer Johnson Yachts designing a range of super yachts. Alongside this work Jake has also started Luxury Visuals, a learning channel that teaches 3D Visualisation to students around the world through online courses and consultation.


TBC 3.30pm-5pm


3D Artist Masterclass: Freelance Illustration – making it in the wild and multi-skilled world of the technical artist with Richard Chasemore, a Lucasfilm Licensed Artist – 90mins

This talk is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about cutting it in the world of the technical artist. You will learn how to spot opportunities to get your big break, what evolving technology means for technical artists and how to set up an artwork reference for real-world jobs. A must for anyone serious about becoming an illustrator!

About Richard
Richard studied technical illustration at the Arts University, Bournemouth and has over 25 years’ experience creating both traditional and digital 3D illustration for publishing and advertising. He has worked in the US, Germany and China and through his work for Lucasfilm has been a guest at Star Wars conventions and book signings in Japan and across the US.

He is a Lucasfilm Licensed Artist and has created publishing artwork for Star Wars and Indiana Jones as well as DC Comics – Batman; Disney – Aladdin; Hasbro – Transformers; Sony – Stargate; Marvel Comics – S.H.I.E.L.D Avengers; Dreamwork’s Animation – Antz; Century 21 Productions – Captain Scarlett; BBC – Ivor the Engine and Sega Art.

He created feature film concept art on Fury, and was a visual effects modeller on The Devil’s Rock.

3D Artist Masterclasses debut at BFX Festival
3D Artist Masterclasses debut at BFX Festival