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The Mill’s body tracking work on this music video is incredible

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Carrie Mok

The Mill’s Sid Harrington-Odedra discusses the complicated body tracking in Chemical Brothers video Wide Open.

Winning two Cannes, a D&AD, LIA, Cyclope and UKMVA award, the music video for Chemical Brothers’ Wide Open is, unsurprisingly, beautiful. Featuring actress and model model Sonoya Mizuno, a dancer slowly transitions into a 3D-printed style humanoid over the course of the video. The shoot itself took just two days, though the post-production work crafted by The Mill took five months.

Lead 3D artist, Sid Harrington-Odedra, tells us why he called the video his most complicated project so far.

“The main challenge the team faced was matching the VFX to Mizuno’s graceful performance. “Trying to get the body track working, in a position where it felt realistic, and all the poses felt realistic, was the hardest part of the project,” Harrington-Odedra reveals. “Anyone who has tried to do it in the past will tell you it is extremely difficult. We had to have a key body track for over 5,000 frames of the whole sequence, which was painstaking. It effectively meant that we weren’t able to cheat and it had to be just right.”

Find out more about The Mill achieved that spectacular body tracking work in 3D Artist issue 110.

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