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Carrie Mok

Speed up your creations with a subscription to Maya today!

Sponsored: Made in Maya, made for you

With the new release of Maya 2018, it’s easier than ever to power your entire pipeline faster than ever with Autodesk’s incredible creation tool for modelling, animation, lighting and VFX.

You’ll be joining the likes of Fido, who worked on the award-nominated Kung Fury; Milk VFX, whose portfolio includes the internationally acclaimed Doctor Who episode ‘Day of the Doctor’; and triple-A games publisher, Insomniac Games.

If you haven’t used Maya before, then why not try out the software with a 30-day trial? You’d be able to access fantastic features for bolstering your workflow forever, and new tools from the latest release, Maya 2018, for upgrading your character models, grooming hair, animation, motion graphics and much more.

And if you do want to subscribe, you’ll get the newest updates to Maya too, no matter where you are in the world, giving you real freedom for your creativity.

New to Maya 2018 is the most artist-friendly UI and workflow yet for character modelling, which has always been a core strength of the software. Character modelling in Maya has seen constant improvements and tweaks as a direct result of customer feedback. With an overhauled UV workflow, which comes with a new UV Toolkit with better tools and functionality, character creation is now easier than ever before.

Sponsored: Made in Maya, made for you

To help you work faster, Autodesk has created a fantastic PDF of shortcuts in Maya, including one-key, general key and pane-specific key shortcuts. It’s an essential guide if you want to start cutting your workflow times.

Another new addition to Maya that speeds up processes is the Time Editor, which provides a non-linear clip-based editing system that has upgraded animation performance. Alongside Maya 2018’s improvements to timecode, six new non-integer framerates are now supported in Maya, NTSC Drop and Non-Drop formats that enable the use of standard capture formats and foregoes the need to convert data.

If you’re looking for enhancements to motion graphics then you may be excited to hear that dynamics have been added to MASH which has allowed rigid-body dynamics to be combined with procedural instancing for the first time. Mash is the procedural node-based toolset that enables designers to create stunning animations and solutions to scattering problems by combining nodes. The other new nodes in Maya 2018, curve, signal, world, placer and more, have created more functionality to the toolset. Take world, for example, which enables you to arrange objects in natural clusters around objects such as a flower or tree arrangement. Existing nodes, such as spring, python and color, have all been upgraded too.

Also improved is the Interactive Grooming Toolset, which has been enhanced in Maya 2018 to make hair and fur grooming easier for artists. This artist-friendly system is less technical than previous versions of XGen and enables direct hair grooming and sculpting in the viewport so that artists can see the results immediately, saving them time and money.

Sponsored: Made in Maya, made for you

Combined with the Clump modifier added in Maya 2017 Update 3, the generation of realistic clumping effects in hair and fur has been boosted for artists looking for natural-looking hair. The Clump modifier allows you to define your groom by adding secondary clumping, creating exciting hair shapes and effects such as, curls and coils, and controlling the size, shape, and distribution of the hair clumps.

After the announcement of Arnold joining Autodesk in 2016, the popular tool is now the default renderer for Maya. In fact, Arnold 5 comes free with Maya 2018 and has better samplers, improved speed, simplified workflows, more physically accurate shaders including a standard hair shader, standard surface shader and a volume shader. You can also use Arnold RenderView to see scenes change in real-time, enabling faster iterations.

Have you ever worked in a scene in After Effects and got tired of having to switch between software? Well now you don’t have to with the Maya and Adobe After Effects Live Link, you can work on scenes simultaneously across both software, making it the easiest and quickest way to share scenes.

With all of these exciting updates, you can’t afford to miss out. If you’re an existing customer, why not trade in your old version today and get Maya 2018 for just £3.60 a day!