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SIGGRAPH 2017 news round-up

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Carrie Mok

Highlights include V-Ray announced for Unreal and Maxon unveils Cinema 4D

This year’s SIGGRAPH has drawn to a close with 16,500 attendees from the US and 87 other countries worldwide, including Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

3D Artist were there this year, taking a look at over 600 papers, courses, lectures, panels, installations, artworks and experiences that were shared and culled from nearly 2,000 submissions from around the world. Over 1,800 speakers and contributors participated overall at SIGGRAPH 2017.

The Human Race, a real-time demonstration presented by The Mill during Real-Time Live! , was awarded the SIGGRAPH 2017 Best Real-Time Graphics and Interactivity honour. The Human Race is a collaboration with Epic Games and is made possible through the combination of Unreal Engine 4, The Mill Cyclops and The Mill Blackbird. The demonstration showcased its ability to blur the line between production and post, revolutionising the conventions of digital filmmaking.

The SIGGRAPH 2017 Emerging Technologies programme also awarded its Best in Show prize to MetaLimbs: Arms Interaction Metamorphism from Japan.

And here’s what was announced at all the other studios and companies at SIGGRAPH 2017.

Animal Logic
• Releases open source USDMaya, facilitating the interchange of 3D assets between different DCC tools

SIGGRAPH 2017 news round-up

• Substance Painter 2017.2-Features include Anchor Points, new filters, performance boosts and scripting options.
• Live Link from Substance Painter to Unity – enables Substance Painter to transmit data continuously to third-party applications
• Substance Automation Toolkit – This toolkit allows users to automate their workflow using command line tools and a brand new Python API.
• Substance Source in Unity
• Substance Source in Unreal Engine 4
• AxF Support in Substance Designer – Soon, users will be able to import AxF files in Substance Designer by using dedicated SBS and MDL templates for scan post-processing
• New After School Offer – Last year, Allegorithmic made Substance licenses completely free for students and teachers alike. This year, graduating students can access the Substance monthly plan at half-price ($9.95/month) for their first year out of school. Available this August.
• MeetMAT Art Book – The top entries from the Meet MAT 3D Painting Contest are being compiled into a book! Coming soon.
• ArtStation Partnership – For every subscription to the Substance Indie monthly plan, users will soon get a free two-month ArtStation Pro account to help artists build up their portfolios
• New Research and Development Prototypes – Allegorithmic is currently conducting research on high-quality, real-time lighting and shadowing, automatic UV mapping, interactive surface seaming and artificial intelligence for materials.

• New updates including: Maya 2018, Arnold v5.0.1, Shotgun 7.2, 3ds Max 2018.1, Flame Family 2018.2

Blackmagic Design
• Releases Fusion 9
• Fusion 9 Studio also follows in the footsteps of Resolve with a price reduction from $999 to $299

Chaos Group
• Announces V-Ray for Unreal at the Epic Games User Group meeting by Vlado Koylavoz, Chaos Group’s co-founder and lead developer. V-Ray for Unreal will bring ray-traced rendering straight out of the game engine.

Conductor Technologies
• Releases Conductor Cloud rendering platform

• Showcases proprietary motion scanning technology that captures 4D data comprising video rate 3D surface scans tracked with a dense fixed topology mesh


SIGGRAPH 2017 news round-up

Epic Games
• Preview of Datasmith, a toolkit of moving data to Unreal Engine for arch vis and design
• Showcase of MEETMIKE, real-time interviewing in VR and stereo for the first time, exploring digital humans
• Showed Fortnite trailer, a cinematic trailer assembled, lit, colour corrected and rendered in Unreal Engine

• ILM talks MaterialX, the open source material standard.

• Announces Massive Prime 9.0, including a universal plugin that will allow Massive support for nearly any third-party vendor, 3D animation tool or rendering application
• Announces AI-controlled Horse & Rider Agent

• Announces Cinema 4D R19

• New SDKs: OptiX 5.0 with AI accelerated denoising, 360 stereo video with ZCAM integration
• New products: DGX Station, a personal supercomputer for developing AI for graphics applications, Quadro and Titan xP External Graphics (eGPU) solutions
• New simulators for AI in VR, via an Isaac-trained robot in Holodeck
• New research in AI, AR and VR


SIGGRAPH 2017 news round-up

• Announces Atom View – a new VR engine capable of generating environments in stunning quality up to 150 times faster than traditional game engines
• Announces Nu Design – a collaborative virtual production toolset for building, viewing and manipulating scenes in VR.

• Full-body motion tracking and self-calibrating systems announced, allowing for first automated, all-in-one tracking solution for Arcade VR
SIGGRAPH 2017 news round-up

• Early preview of upcoming hybrid GPU/CPU technology for RenderMan.
• Releases RenderMan 21.5
• Sneak peek of RenderMan 22
• New customer reel from ILM, MPC, Laika and Pixar themselves

• Announces iClone 7 real-time face and body motion capture featuring partnerships with Faceware and Xsens. iClone 7 simplifies mocap with dedicated tools and UI for recording actors in any environment; empowering a single PC into a streamlined and affordable rig for character creation, animation and live face and body mocap

• Announces annual Pipeline Award winners: DreamWorks Animation for the DWATV Credits Tool, Visual Concepts for the NBA 2K17 Facial Animation Pipeline and Psyop for Cryptomatte


SIGGRAPH 2017 news round-up

• Collaboration with Manus VR to deliver hands-on tracking
• Announces new camera Vertex that is compact, lightweight and easily mounted