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Chaos Group acquires Render Legion, makers of Corona

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Carrie Mok

The Render Legion team joins Chaos Group, with V-Ray and Corona together under the same umbrella

Chaos Group acquires Render Legion, makers of Corona

Chaos Group has announced that it has acquired Render Legion, the developers of Corona.

The Render Legion team, including its founders and developers, will join Chaos Group as they continue to develop Corona using additional support and resources provided through the deal.

“Our mission has always been to help all artists and designers visualize anything they can imagine,” said Peter Mitev, CEO of Chaos Group. “This is something we have in common with the Render Legion team. Now that we can share ideas and resources, we’ll be able to address the needs of this growing market and develop the future of rendering faster than we ever could before.”

Chaos Group’s Academy Award-winning renderer, V-Ray will continue to be a core component of the company’s portfolio. Both V-Ray and Corona will benefit from joint collaborations, bringing complementary features and optimisations to each product.

According to Render Legion‘s blogpost, the deal has been 13 months in the making. The company also stresses that Corona Renderer is here to stay and there are no plans to discontinue it in the short or long term.

“Chaos Group started from the bottom, just as we did; boot-strapped from the beginning, just the same as us. For us, having a partner who is not led by financial investors but by the developers is a major plus and one of the strong motivators for this move,” said Render Legion of one of the factors influencing the decision.

Already, Corona Renderer’s 1.7 VFX features are co-developed with Chaos Group and the new ‘faster sampler’ is the well-known DMC sampler from Chaos Group. V-Ray’s dome light, meanwhile, is being optimised with the help of the Render Legion team