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Nuke and Hiero 11 out now

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Carrie Mok

Nuke 11 adds powerful new Live Groups workflow for sharing work between artists

Nuke and Hiero 11 out now

After a successful beta in April, Foundry has finally launched Nuke and Hiero 11.

New features include:

• VFX Reference Platform 2017: The Nuke family is being updated to VFX Platform 2017, which includes several major updates to key libraries used within Nuke, including Python, Pyside and Qt.

• Live Groups: Introduces a new type of group node which offers a powerful new collaborative workflow for sharing work among artists. Live Groups referenced in other scripts automatically update when a script is loaded, without the need to render intermediate stages.

• Frame Server in Nuke and NukeX: Nuke Studio’s intelligent background rendering is now available in Nuke and NukeX. The Frame Server takes advantage of available resource on your local machine, enabling you to continue working while rendering is happening in the background.

• New Lens Distortion in NukeX: The LensDistortion node has been completely revamped, with added support for fisheye and wide-angle lenses and the ability to use multiple frames to produce better results. It is now also GPU-enabled.

• Timeline Disk Cache in Nuke Studio: Nuke Studio now has new GPU accelerated disk caching that allows users to cache part or all of a sequence to disk for smoother playback of more complex sequences.

Nuke and Hiero 11 are now available for purchase.

Nuke and Hiero 11 out now