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Meet 2017’s BFX Competition mentors

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Carrie Mok

Mentors from the likes of MPC and Double Negative will be guiding and judging the teams

The BFX Competition is back this year, ready to showcase brilliant student talent from across the UK. Launching on 12 July, the BFX Competition will see teams of five students (current and recently graduated) create stunning 2D or 3D VFX shorts for the charities DEBRA and Re-Cycle in just seven weeks.

The teams are mentored and judged by industry experts from studios such as Hibbert Ralph Animation, Blue Zoo, Blue Sky, MPC, Double Negative, Blind Pig, OutpostVFX and more.

We recently met with some of this year’s mentors at Bournemouth University, find out what they will be looking for from the finished shorts below!

The BFX Competition will announce its winners at the BFX Festival, which runs from 2 – 8 October 2017.

Find out more about BFX Festival at http://www.bfxfestival.com/.

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