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Maya 2018 out now

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Carrie Mok

XGen and Bifrost gets upgrades

Autodesk has released Maya 2018, with some of the features carrying over from Maya 2017 Update 3.

New to version 2018 is the UV Editor, which modernises the UV workflow with improvements to Quad Draw, Multi-Cut, and Live objects.

A new clumping modifier makes Interactive XGen grooms more natural by breaking up uniform flow, while a collision modifier allows hair to react to other meshes (such as hats). Meanwhile, general workflow improvements and a new Shaderfx Game Hair shader now make this the ideal tool to create hair for game characters.

Updates to the Viewport 2.0 make it compatible with OSD 3.1, complex shading networks, displacements, light shadows, and ambient occlusion, provide a better real-time idea of what your rendered images will look like. Additionally, enhancements to the Render Setup system make it easier to create and adjust collections and overrides, as well as sequence and batch render.

Arnold 5 is included with Maya 2018 now too.

New MASH Dynamics can apply dynamic properties to MASH networks, which stack with existing MASH nodes to quickly create visually stunning motion graphics with just a few clicks. Try combining them with the new primitives, which allow you to create complex organic shapes and animate them on the fly.

Numerous improvements have also been made to Bifrost liquid, foam and BOSS as well as to animation and character animation.

For a full list of new features, check out the post on Autodesk.