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Immerse yourself in VR at SIGGRAPH 2017

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Carrie Mok

VR Village brings large-scale applications to the conference

Immerse yourself in VR at SIGGRAPH 2017

SIGGRAPH will return for its 44th conference this year, from 30 July – 3 August 2017 with VR Village returning to its Experience programme.

VR Village’s interactive VR and AR installations offer attendees the ability to explore the fascinating potential of brand-new VR and AR formats for shared experiences, engaging audiences, and powering real-world applications in health, education, entertainment, design, and gaming.

Denise Quesnel, 2017 VR Village Chair, said, “Our jury selected content for this year’s VR Village that would be ‘hands-on’ and that focuses on the experience itself rather than the technology. In this way, we will be offering conference attendees the chance to explore the capabilities and functionalities of each project in context. Projects that include performative elements and social experiences will be featured, along with multi-user experiences that are highly collaborative.”

Make sure you check out ‘Digital Playgroundz: Demonz I’ from Jakub Roček, Daniel Gregor, Ordřej Prucha, and Josef Kortan, INITI.org. Digital Playgroundz is an interactive and augmented-reality system that displays large-scale applications on flat surfaces (walls) in various spatial configurations, with no limits on the number of users or size of the interactive area.

Another project that could be interesting is ‘IRIDiuM+: Deep-Media Storytelling With Non-linear Light-Field Video’ by Maggie Kosek and Kenny Mitchell, Disney Research, Edinburgh Napier University, The Walt Disney Company; Babis Koniaris, David Sinclair, and Fraser Rothnie, Disney Research, The Walt Disney Company; and, Lanny Smoot, Disney Research. This presentation depicts techniques and the creation process of a deep-media immersive experience with synchronised tactile, audio, and light-field visual techniques to realise a non-linear story in virtual reality.

“I feel this work by Disney Research not only demonstrates the state of where immersive realities are today, but ‘IRIDiuM+’ aptly presents what the future can be,” said Quesnel. “This multi-sensory experience is incredibly inspiring, combining remarkable new techniques with brand-new, non-linear storytelling.”