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Facebook is closing Oculus Story Studio

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Carrie Mok

Award-winning cinematic content studio employed 50 staff

After a little over two years in the wild, Facebook’s Oculus Story Studio, the content studio behind the Emmy-winning ‘Henry’ and ‘Dear Angelica’ is being wound down.

In a blogpost Jason Rubin, VP Content, said that “After careful consideration, we’ve decided to shift our focus away from internal content creation to support more external production.”

Rubin also said that they are “going to allocate more resources to third-party creatives to build out the VR storytelling library.”

‘Henry’ and ‘Dear Angelica’ will continue to be available on the Oculus Store, as will the VR illustration tool Quill, but there will not be any active support for the creation tool according to Variety.

The 50-member team at Story Studio is currently being encouraged to apply internally within Oculus.

The news of Story Studio’s closure comes a few months after Facebook was ordered to pay Zenimax $500 million in a intellectual property lawsuit, and Hugo Barra joined as Head of VR at Oculus.