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Could Foundry’s Elara change post-production?

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Carrie Mok

New cloud-based service was revealed at NAB 2017

Could Foundry's Elara change post-production?

Foundry revealed Elara at NAB 2017, a new cloud-based service for post-production, centralises infrastructure, creative tools and the pipeline.

Elara will include integrated cloud rendering, scalable storage and compute accessible simply via a web browser enabling individuals to share work between collaborators flexibly and perhaps even set up virtual post houses on the fly.

Could Foundry's Elara change post-production?
Foundry CTO, Jon Wadelton said at NAB, “We were trying to answer a number of things in this project about cloud. Number one was: can we think about flexibility‚Ķ where you can think of this flexible resource as the cloud. We also thought about collaboration. Can we have many many of our freelancers working around the world, all sharing one true source of the data centre that everybody can work from. We also thought about what this idea of unlimited compute bring to workflows for effects?”

Elara started three years ago as a government funded project alongside ILM London.

At NAB, Foundry also gave sneak peeks of Nuke 11.