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Chaos Group releases V-Ray dev kit

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Carrie Mok

You can now add photorealistic rendering to any application

The V-Ray AppSDK has been made available by Chaos Group, a high-level API that allows developers to integrate V-Ray tech.

The AppSDK simplifies and accelerates integration, offering full programmatic control over V-Ray’s extensive feature set. With support for a wide range of popular API bindings, such as Python, C#.NET, JavaScript (Node.js) and C++, software developers can program in their preferred language. The software development kit also includes documentation, learning resources, code samples, test scenes, and ready-to-use functionality presets.

“We designed and built the V-Ray Application SDK to help companies get the full benefits of photorealistic ray tracing without having to write, or maintain, their own rendering engine,” said Iavor Trifonov, Chaos Group VP of Cloud and Integrations. “Now, companies can rely on V-Ray’s expert development and continuous improvements, while focusing their efforts on their own applications.”

V-Ray AppSDK Developer licenses are available upon request.