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Axis and Jumbla debuts thrilling Forza motion graphics

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Carrie Mok

12 videos have been creating, blending motion graphics and animation

Axis and Jumbla debuts thrilling Forza motion graphics
Axis Animation and Jumbla have driven a new partnership for Forza Motorsport 6 to great new heights.

The partnership comprises 12 design-led videos that blend motion graphics and animation for Forza Motorsport 6 expansion packs, NASCAR and Apex. Each video speeds through a different period of racing, the high-velocity visuals rushing from the scratchy sepia of early head-to-heads, through the neon-tinged vector lines of the 80s, and into the slick painterly visuals of modern rubber-burning drifters.

Axis creates high-end genre animation for video game, film, television, theme parks and more, while Jumbla is an award-winning, design-driven production studio specialising in 2D/3D animation and motion graphics

“Jumbla’s design and motion graphics skillset is first-rate. Working in partnership with the studio, we can add this beautifully imaginative, design-led discipline to the Axis offering, meaning even more versatile, varied, and wide-ranging work from our studio,” says Debbie Ross, executive producer at Axis Animation.

Check out the reel below: