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Re-create Epic Games’ photoreal characters for free

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Carrie Mok

New Photorealistic Character sample can be used in any Unreal Engine project

Re-create Epic Games' photoreal characters for free

Epic Games has released Photorealistic Character sample along with accompanying documentation that demonstrate high-quality character shaders used to build characters for the developer’s MOBA Paragon.

Anyone will be able to learn from, explore and deconstruct Epic’s professionally created materials and models.

Available for use in any Unreal Engine 4 project, the Photorealistic Character sample comes complete with documentation designed to guide developers through the creation process.

The documentation is released in association with the Photorealistic Character sample, which was created using OTOY facial scanning, delivers insight into the skin, hair and eye shading techniques that will grant developers the ability to achieve photoreal characters in Unreal Engine.