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Modo 11 out now, Foundry launches subscription model

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Carrie Mok

Modo Subscription will cost $599 annually

Modo 11 out now, Foundry launches subscription model

Foundry has released the first instalment of the Modo 11 series, and with it has announced a new payment model for the tool.

For the first time, Modo customers will be able to receive every software update and new release via a subscription-based service, Modo Subscription. Costing $59 a month or $599 annually, the move will provide greater affordability to small and independent creative studios with lower entry costs to Modo software.

For individuals or businesses who would like to purchase a permanent Modo license, this option is still available at the same price, offering the benefit of license ownership.

Perpetual licences of Modo now also include maintenance, providing product updates and technical support over the one-year maintenance term. Existing Modo customers can attach maintenance to their license for $399 each year.

Modo Subscription includes:
Every update and new release while a customer’s subscription remains valid, as soon as it’s available
Login-based licensing allowing customers to work on any machine, without the need to go through a manual license transfer process
Full access to Foundry’s support teams by email
Access to beta programs and technology previews

Modo maintenance includes:
The ability for customers keep their license, even if they stop paying maintenance
Every update and new release while their maintenance remains valid, as soon as it’s available
The flexibility of login-based licensing to work where customers want
Full access to Foundry’s global Support teams by email
Access to beta programs and exclusive technology previews

Updates and new features to Modo 11 include:

Game Export Improvements
Progressive Baking Accessibility
Unreal Material Importer Workflow Improvements

Auto Retopo Improvements
Auto-activating Ghosting and Edit Base Mesh Command
Implicit Mesh Operation Selection
MeshFusion Workflow Enhancements
Remove-Delete Keyboard Shortcuts
Sculpt Brush Preview
Select by Previous Operation

Out of the Box Experience
Grid Display
Installation Streamlining
Introduction Screen
Motion Blur for Procedural Meshes
Preview Render Region Toolbar
Safe Mode
Tool HUD
VDBVoxel Improvements

Performance and Efficiency
Backdrop Item Visibility
Curve Particle Generator Improvements
Item Draw Cache
Faster Viewport Switching with Gradient
Fur in the Advanced Viewport
GL Drawing Performance
OpenSubdiv Drawing Package
Schematic Improvements
Selection Sets
Spline and Bezier Deformer Improvements
Transform and Duplicate

Irradiance Caching Improvements
Maximum Radiance
Mesh Light Improvements
Occlusion Baking Improvements
Render Output Masking
Simplification of Render Settings


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