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How Double Negative used Substance for VFX

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Carrie Mok

Nothing is true, everything is procedural

Over on Allegorithmic‘s blog, Marc Austin (lead TD generalist at Double Negative) has revealed how the Oscar-winning studio took a ‘leap of faith’ with using material authoring tool Substance Designer for texturing the animus in the Assassin’s Creed film.

“For the Animus, we needed a way to surface the asset in parallel to meet the deadline. The modeling and rigging were going to be in constant flux during the show and surfacing couldn’t wait for a finished model.

During this early stage, Substance Designer was showcasing features such as Iray integration and the pixel processor, which opened up possibilities for surfacing the Animus in Substance Designer.

With some testing, we came up with a methodology of batch baking substances per UV tile (UDIMs). Using parametric substances we could design a surfacing pipeline which could create a new set of textures far quicker than hand painting. We could re-run these Substances each time there was a modeling update. Coupled with the types of materials used on the Animus (metals and plastics) Substance Designer seemed like a perfect fit.”

Austin then details a VFX features wishlist for the Substance tools, including UDIMs. Click on to read the rest of the blogpost.

You can see the Animus in action at 0:48 and 1:39 in the trailer below.