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Here’s what Autodesk had to say about the Maintenance Plan changes

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Carrie Mok

Price increases are effective from 7 May 2017

After news broke in March that Autodesk was raising the prices of its maintenance plan options, users took to social media channels and the Autodesk Community forum to air some concerns. The price increases are coming from 7 May 2017, when maintenance plan renewal prices will increase by 5%, 10% in 2018 and 20% in 2019. We recently spoke to an Autodesk spokesperson to find out more about the changes.

3D Artist: On the FAQ of the website explaining the new Maintenance Plan price changes, it mentions that “managing two business models (subscription and maintenance plans) is quite costly”. Could you expand on that?
Autodesk: Managing both subscription and maintenance plans is expensive in the sense that we have to pay for, maintain and support two entirely different delivery infrastructures. It’s also costly and time consuming for most customers to manage perpetual and subscription software from an administration standpoint.

3DA: Does Autodesk want to phase out all Maintenance Plans?
AD: We have no plans to discontinue maintenance. It will be available on an annual basis but it will cost more than the discounted subscription pricing. In addition, all of the updates to our core products will benefit customers who are on maintenance and our subscription customers alike. We are being transparent about these changes, so customers have time to consider what works best for them.

3DA: Would you be able to quantify the projected amount of Maintenance Plan users making the change to Subscription plan?
AD: While we would like as many maintenance customers as possible to move to subscription, we realize it’s not for everyone.

3DA: Some users have noted the frequency at which Autodesk updates price plans and subscription policy in the last few years. Has the frequency of the changes over the years been deliberately planned on Autodesk’s part or has it been a result of assessment?
AD: We started on the subscription journey a few years ago, and have made every attempt to communicate the direction and changes as early and often as possible. With regard to pricing, we make nominal adjustments based on comparative value and market pricing similar to other software providers.