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Robo Recall out now for free on Oculus Rift

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Carrie Mok

Oculus Rift prices have been cut too

Robo Recall out now for free on Oculus Rift

Epic Games has dropped its first fully VR game, Robo Recall.

A first person shooter for the Oculus Rift built for the Oculus Touch controllers, Robo Recall is free for download from the Oculus Store.

It comes as news that the price of the Oculus Rift has been slashed from $599 to $499 and the Touch controllers’ price has been cut from $199 to $99.

Epic Games has also released the Robo Recall Mod Kit, a native mod editor for the game that provides mod developers with the tools to create new weapons, maps and characters for the game. The Robo Recall Mod Kit can now be downloaded for free through the Epic Games launcher.

Find out about how the Epic team created Robo Recall using Unreal Engine in 3D Artist issue 104.