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Unreal Dev Grants gave $40,000 for these two projects

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Carrie Mok

Epic Games has allotted $5 million in grants for devs

Having given financial support to a range of developers, artists, creators and educators with no strings attached since March 2015, Epic Games’ Unreal Dev Grants is almost at the halfway point of its $5 million awards.

We speak to two recipients of the Dev Grants to find out more about their projects and how they’ve spent the money so far.


Yang Bing was given $25,000 for Lost Soul Aside

Can you tell us a bit more about your project?
LSA is an action RPG. Arena (the crystal dragon) can transform into different forms to help Kazer (the protagonist) to combat. They are on their journey for their own goals. The game will focus on the combat system and the description of characters.

Where did the idea for it come from?
I have dreamed of making a game since I was a child, and there are many great games I liked during the past years, like Onimusha, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, Chaos Legion etc. I wanted to put all my favourite parts from those games and my personality into a game.

How will the grant help towards your project?
I think the grant is more about an admiration and encouragement to me and my project, also this budget will help me to focus on the game development and studio building in the next months without worrying too much about how to make a living.


Neoglyphic Entertainment was given $15,000 for NeoFur
Can you tell us a bit more about your project?
NeoFur is an engine plugin that allows developers to enhance their characters and environments with soft, dynamic and reactive fur, fibers and other soft fuzzy surfaces – as easy as drag-and-drop! These types of materials have traditionally been incredibly challenging to create, so we built a general solution for everyone.

Where did the idea for it come from?
While developing Sunborn Rising, our original IP, our organic world needed a real-time solution to help us bring its soft and furry characters and objects to life across various 3D platforms. After much research and development, NeoFur was born! Ultimately we decided to put in the extra effort to polish, refine and share it with the community.

How will the grant help towards your project?
Since receiving the grant we have already released NeoFur 2.0 for free to all existing users, a huge update with fantastic improvements to hair lighting and shading, visual fidelity, and performance. We continue to try and listen to what the community wants, and push the technology forward!

Awards range from $5,000 to $50,000 and you can apply for an Unreal Dev Grant at unrealengine.com.