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SketchUp 2017 and new multiple reality viewer out now

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Carrie Mok

SketchUp Viewer for AR and VR also available

Released earlier this month, SketchUp 2017 has a faster, smoother graphics pipeline.

Transparency rendering is now faster to render, with improvements to displaying multiple transparencies and the ability to fine-tune opacity.

Transparency in SketchUp 2016

Transparency in SketchUp 2016

Snapping and inferencing for high-definition monitors have been tuned, edge weights have been smart scaled.

A new smart Offset tool enables cleaner offsets and the Perpendicular to Face inference will enable better snapping to perpendiculars.

Persistent IDs are a fresh addition to SketchUp, the geometry identifiers will update LayOut dimensions according to any tweaks you make.

There’s also a brand-new Extension Manager, for plugins including for 3D modelling, all displayed in one easy window.

Trimble, the makers of SketchUp, has also released a new viewer for seeing full-scaled 3D architectural/engineering models in AR and VR with the Microsoft HoloLens. The SketchUp Viewer will require SketchUp to be used.

It was previously announced that Microsoft’s new Paint 3D software will have SketchUp support.