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RenderMan 21 Non-Commercial Is Out Now!

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Carrie Mok

Version 21 of RenderMan brings new shaders from the production of Finding Dory


Pixar’s RenderMan 21 is now available non-commercially for download!

The new version of the renderer will feature production shaders and lights used in Finding Dory and accompanying short Piper, as well a Denoise improvements, the All in One Pixar Shader, new libraries for lights and surfaces, deformation volume blur and much more.

There is currently support for Maya, KATANA, Houdini and Blender with AOVs, LPEs & Deep Textures supported for NUKE and support for Cinema 4D underway.

CG generalist Harsh Agrawal has already posted a tutorial to show how he controlled the lighting and shading in an enticing cookies and milk scene.

Make sure you check out Pixar’s RenderMan 21 reel to see some of its features in action.

RenderMan 21 Non-Commercial Is Out Now!