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iClone 7 features revealed

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Carrie Mok

Animating PBR content to be the focus of iClone 7

Ahead of the release of iClone 7 in 2017, Reallusion has released a sneak peak video of some of the features coming to the new version.

iClone 7 will be geared towards animating a new generation of PBR content and new features such as real-time PBR character animation, animated image-based lighting, baking 3D scenes into HDR images, high realism from indirect images and many more were shown off in the ten-minute video.

Reallusion stresses that the UI, content, and processes shown in the video may be subject to change before the final product release as they are shown for demo purposes only.

You can preorder iClone 7 now.

Check out the new features in action below.