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Pixar shows off RenderMan 21 in new feature reel

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Carrie Mok

New RenderMan 21 features include lighting and production shaders used in Finding Dory

Finding Dory

The latest feature reel from Pixar demonstrates a number of the newest features in RenderMan 21 in action.

The renderer has, for the first time, received production shaders and lights that have already been used in Finding Dory and its accompanying short Piper.

Also exhibited are Denoise improvements, the All in One Pixar Shader for easy layering, plenty of new libraries for lights and surfaces, faster volumes, deformation volume blur, API improvements, a streamlined UI and much more.

RenderMan 21 is currently available commercially, and will be available free for non-commercial use later this year.

RenderMan 21 Feature Reel from Pixar's RenderMan on Vimeo.

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