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Check Out This Trippy Animation From The Mill

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Steve Holmes

Mill+ creates a stunning animation for Belgian design festival


Mill+ has delivered a strange, Seventies-style psychedelic animation for the recent closing ceremony of OFFF By Night, a creative design festival in Antwerp, Belgium.

“Our goal was to combine powerful tools that are typically reserved for photo-real visual effects with elements of traditional graphic design,” said director William Arnold.

“We started by referencing fluid, organic forms: paint dripping, lava lamps, and slime molds. We then tested ways in which we could replicate this organic movement using different pieces of software. We ended up using an interlocking combination of Houdini, C4D, Maya, and Nuke.

“Throughout the process, we had one basic rule: animate everything in 3D, but render it out with flat colors. In order to do this, we pushed the software in new and unusual ways.

“This included a unique combination of particle simulations, procedural shaders, and orthographic cameras. We then took this 3D animation and paired it with grid-based typography and a limited color palette. The resulting effect is something that is playful and straightforward, yet simultaneously too complex for the human mind to create without the help of powerful 3D software.”

We’ve embedded Mill+’s interesting creation for you below, you lucky devils. Enjoy!

OFFF By Night 2016 | Title Sequence from The Mill on Vimeo.

VFX & Design: Mill+
Creative Director: Mario Stipinovich
Director: Willam Arnold
Producer: Devan Maura Saber
3D Artists: Gregory Gangemi, Laurent Giaume, Nick Couret-Chailloux, Ehsan Parizi, Tighe Rzankowski
Animation: Christopher Mennuto, Mikhael Villegas, Kyle Leicht
2D Lead Artist: Warren Gebhardt
Colourist: Mikey Rossiter
Music Composition: Fall On Your Sword